If You Want Something Done Right

PlumeauAnd here a long sigh of relief and exhaustion.

Right now I’ve got a huge ostrich-feather feather duster and I’m sweeping the cobwebs and inch-high piles of dust off the mantlepieces and bookshelves of my blog. Gosh, it’s been so long since I’ve even checked my blog dashboard.

But I’m here today, in the midst of my busy schedule, because I’m still running off of NaNo Energy. I’ve gotten so used to writing two to six thousand words a day, that when I went to type out todays post, I blew through it like a cyclone in a wind tunnel. Right now the words are just appearing, something like a deranged typewriter trying to soothe its insanity.

[Editor’s Note: …A deranged typewriter. I like that.]

Well, let’s get to the chase, and that is that old, annoying adage that lazy people love to hear: if you want something done, give it to a busy person.

I used to hate this phrase, because it’s what people would tell me when I had absolutely no time to myself and they wanted to throw something at me. Honestly, when I have about five minutes to myself all day, I don’t want to spend it painting someone else’s house.

Winner-100x100-2But now I’m realizing this phrase isn’t all bad. I just came off the end of a three-day “Work Marathon,” during which I started to lose my inhibitions about being at work and actually started to enjoy it. But the weird thing is that I managed to win NaNoWriMo during these two days. Why?

It’s all about work flow, and how when your mind falls into this work-a-holic rut, you just can’t stop. You know if you stop you’ll crash. And I did crash eventually, but the work kept me going, so I could keep working, which kept me going, so I could work, and well you know how it goes.

I’m pretty happy that I finished my novel, and am looking forward to editing it. But today is Sunday, my day off, and I’m going to try not to think about it. I’m planning on enjoying today doing nothing, really.

But before I get started with nothing, I thought I’d check in on you all. How are things?






5 thoughts on “If You Want Something Done Right

  1. I’d say we’re all dead, but some comment-reader may be going through some dark times and consider that to be in poor taste.
    My go-to morbid humor isn’t for all occasions.
    Pity, that.

    • Comments…From beyond the grave!!!
      Thank you, Deshipley, for confirming my suspicions that we have WordPress in the afterlife. 🙂
      It’s nice to hear from you again! Me and my other writing buddies who checked my buddy page would stare at your stats and growl in envy during NaNo. 😀 Did you enjoy this year’s run of it?

      • I do seem to garner more growls for my writing life than in any other area. I’m sorry, mortals! I’m not doing it to show you up, I swear! I just have problems! *I* am a deranged typewriter!

        I enjoyed this year’s first half right well. The second half… Well, the short story is, I got scuttled by a reckless MC. The slightly longer story can be found in my blog’s “NaNote’s” posts. The full story doesn’t leave this laptop. Ever.

        Yay for your NaNo win! Hope you got lots of good stuff out of it. 😀

  2. Congrats on surviving, er, finishing NaNoWriMo! I’ve been so busy with other stuff, blog writing is about all I’ve gotten done for a while. The lack of “real” writing is bugging me though, so priorities are about to get shifted 🙂 For now, I’d better finish up my Christmas cards!

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