The Three Year Vacation

Victoria Baths via Wikimedia, by GBPhoto27

I feel as though I’m walking into a large, empty foyer with a lantern, and that what I write here will echo blankly across the walls, bouncing back at me to confirm what I already feel: that nobody’s left here to listen to my timid greeting. Which is to be expected; it’s been two and a half years.

I feel as though I am walking into a mansion where fabulous parties once took place and some of the best conversations happened and some of the best meals were served and some of the best guests attended.

It’s been a three year hiatus, I think to myself as I turn on the old gas stove and start looking through the cupboards for canned foods. I see a loaf of bread so covered in mold the only recognizable feature is its shape, and next to that there’s a jar of peanut butter that was left open and was so chemical-ridden it has somehow resisted decomposition. As I start to heat up some Campbell’s soup, I warm my hands over the stove top, listening to the crack of expanding metal, and glance at the photographs hanging on the walls of the guests who used to attend those parties, and realize how much I miss the constant exchange of ideas and experiences.

Taking my warm cup of soup I dampen a washcloth, then move to the kitchen table and wipe off three years’ worth of dust. The last time I sat here thinking up stuff to write was in 2013, June, when I wrote about Introverts and Extroverts. That was a long time ago. I find, though, that there’s still a notebook here, with a pen sitting there next to it wrapped in a cobweb. I brush it off, click it open, and start writing a list of things that have happened between then and now.

Ran a restaurant. Went to China. Finished college.

For a year, I worked at a bank. Then I was an accountant at a seafood distribution company. Then I did archival work at a TV station. Now I’ve been a receptionist at different places, on and off since before Christmas.

Grew a mustache. Moved away from home. Lost most of my plants to weather. Lost dear friends. Made new ones. Learned a language. Got cultured and became disillusioned with it at the same time.

I started a couple new blogs, but it just hasn’t been the same. Frankly, I miss all of you, and I miss the freedom of expression I had on this particularly themeless blog, this particular House of Happy which is now whirring as the boiler in the basement kicks on. I turn on lights in the different rooms and find half-read books on sofas, unwashed coffee cups on side tables, sheet music still open at the piano, the paper yellowed with age and the notes all but faded away.

Gosh, I’ve missed this place.


100th Post!!!


Here’s To
The Prosperity Of

H O U S E  ~of~ H A P P Y

for reaching this



Thank you, faithful readers, for reading and bearing with me this long 10 months! Thanks for listening to me ramble, supporting me when I have failures, celebrating with me when I win, and for the banter, conversation, speculation, and fraternization!!!



Excellence in Bad

A new blog has opened up just yesterday. It’s called Excellence in Bad, and it’s a site dedicated to bad poetry. You can guess why. 🙂 I’ve started it, like Lisa recommended, hoping it will gather a following and generate some publicity for my upcoming book, DEWRDER.

That feels weird to say. “My upcoming book.” Like I write a dozen a year! In actuality, I only write MAYBE one or two a year, and have yet to publish any. So to say, “Upcoming book,” is kinda like I’m a published, famous author!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, that was a nice fantasy. Back to reality. 😦

Reality: DEWRDER has stalled out lately. I don’t know why. My poems aren’t brilliantly bad anymore. *shocked gasp* I think maybe I should just take a break, maybe find something to inspire me, etcetera, etcetera, et cet er a.


And so and so
And so
Putting E T C at the end
Of the lines and rows
To indicate a going-forth
A never-ending thought that’s not
Ending soon enough
For us
To write down all we’ve got.

You see what I mean? 😦 “Well, you can just write a book of good poetry then!” you might say encouragingly. (Thanks for the encouragement by the way! Oh wait…that was me…) But the problem with that = There are already enough good poetry books out there! I’m trying to write something BAD. Like, REALLY bad.

You don’t mind that I’m sharing all this do you? I mean, as a writer, should I be closed about my weaknesses? What if it makes me look bad? Well, whatever. That’s the way I look at it. My theory is that it may be more detrimental to hide my weaknesses than to spread them like peanut butter all over the Happy House.

Well, hope you enjoyed that peanut butter.

Okay, well just looked at one of my poems, and it wasn’t all that bad. But I’m going to leave that peanut butter up there because otherwise I’ll lose like half my post. 🙂

Well, enjoy your Monday, and for the meantime, hop over to Excellence in Bad to take a peek at how it’s shaping up! 🙂


It’s Thanksgiving!

My thanks is for this blog! My thanks for being able to share in the community of all you folks who have stuck with me, reading my rants and ramblings and rambunctious rattling-offs of riting (the W would mess up the alliteration)!!!

So here I am, five(?) months into the world of blogging. I can officially say that I’m a blogger. When I’m sixty, I can tell my grandkiddies that “Oh yes, I was a blogger back in the day. Yes, we had our little circle of writerly friends…there was Stephen and Tessa and Janna and Lulu and Brown Paper Bag Girl, and Sartenada, and Lisa and Lua and Barb and Aidan, and those who would drop in every now and then, like Artswebshow and Ollin and Smander and bbosse and Miss Rosemary!” Wow, that’s a lot of readers!

So thankfulness in general for my Blog, and thanks to you all for visiting the House of Happy and keeping me web-company!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Ow!! Charlie Bit my Blog!!!

Ow! Charlie bit my blog!

Um, before we get to the punch line, a little explanation on my brief hiatus. As some of you may have noticed, Story Tuesday was “Epic Fail.” Well, you see, my life has been rather busy lately. And thus, Story Tuesday will become Story Thursday this week! Or something like that. Because we all have priorities in life, and in mine, Blogging is not at the top. Even though I will still keep it up (as I have decided after all, he he), my life is more important, and will take precedence. Well, I’ll write some about that tomorrow (or will I?…). Today, I wanted to send out a juicy little thought-provoking post.

If you google Ow Charlie, I am hit #3. Yah. Pretty crazy. I mean, for the world’s number one YouTube video, you’d think a silly fan site or something would be up near the top, eh? No, I am hit number two, right after a couple YouTube links (which I do not recommend clicking through…), you will find the House of Happy!!! 😀 That’s me!!! What are the ODDS of that?!

I heard that Stephen once got a bunch of hits by a random RPG Google search. What was up with that? Dunno. But a simliar thing is going on here at the H.O.H. Besides google searches for “J. P. Cabit,” (hmm…literary agents checking me out? Yay!), I think “Ow charlie” has been my biggest hit-getter. In fact, I wanna say that I’ve been getting an “ow-charlie” google-hit every three days or so. Maybe more frequently.

Fellow bloggers: How do people find you? Do they mainly google your name, or a post you wrote…or do they just stumbleupon you? (Speaking of stumbling upon websites, I heart these new sharing buttons at the bottom of the post!) Or have you a random little fishing hook, dangling out there in the World Wide Web, that fish keep biting?

What bites your blog? Does it really hurt? Is it still hurting?

P.S. Also, thanks to this post, I hold down spot #3 and #4!

50 Is A Big Number!

This is post #50! Yaaaaay!

So I’m throwing a small party.

Grab a plate and move down the line!

So, as all mid-lifers (lol, 50 is over the hill…), this blogger is reconsidering blogging. His beliefs, his networking practices, etc. Is blogging necessary? For me, right now it takes a pretty low priority. I still keep it up, but out of commitment, and not so much of pleasure.


Takes some, it's good for your heart (I guess).

And so (I say, dipping pita) you may see me out and about the blogosphere in the future, or I may vanish. But not without saying goodbye. Because that would be downright rude, in my opinion.

It would be a rotten shame to take down the House of Happy. I wouldn’t have anything online for potential agents/editors to look at (well, anything new at least). And that would be sad.

…Have some Turkish coffee.

This one's for you, Lua! 😉

Well, so far at this party we’ve done nothing to eat. That’s fine. We must, since we’ve spent the past few days skipping meals to write.

Oh look, turkish delight!!!

Yay! Although I didn't really like it…

Well, this has been a swell party, y’all. See ya later. I gotta go jog off some weight.

P.S. I just created a meal that by chance progressively moved through dinner, coffee, and dessert in order! Odd…