Math, Science, Linguistics, and Writing

Since I left off tending House of Happy, I found that I couldn’t keep away from blogging for long. I went ahead and started a couple others, under the name of Mikel Maine. In case you’re curious as to what I’ve been writing, here are the links to those sites. I’m going to keep both of these blogs active, because I’m one of those annoying people who’s into math, science, and grammar, and it needs to go somewhere. I especially love talking and thinking about linguistics. These two other blogs are going to be my outlets for those bursts of scientific “Hey, did you know…” moments. This way, I’ll be able to get those thoughts out of my system, and House of Happy can remain an engaging, imaginative haven, without the burden of lengthy scientific rants.

Of course, nobody’s stopping you from reading all three. 🙂

House of Happy. Writing. This blog you’re reading now.

Seventy-Three Thousand. Math, Science, Psychology. A place to cultivate my scientific curiosity. Interested in ferrofluids, the squares of prime numbers? This is the blog for you.

Mr. Schliemann. Linguistics, Language Learning. Here, I document my efforts in learning Mandarin Chinese, as well as letting out other linguistic musings.