The Three Year Vacation

Victoria Baths via Wikimedia, by GBPhoto27

I feel as though I’m walking into a large, empty foyer with a lantern, and that what I write here will echo blankly across the walls, bouncing back at me to confirm what I already feel: that nobody’s left here to listen to my timid greeting. Which is to be expected; it’s been two and a half years.

I feel as though I am walking into a mansion where fabulous parties once took place and some of the best conversations happened and some of the best meals were served and some of the best guests attended.

It’s been a three year hiatus, I think to myself as I turn on the old gas stove and start looking through the cupboards for canned foods. I see a loaf of bread so covered in mold the only recognizable feature is its shape, and next to that there’s a jar of peanut butter that was left open and was so chemical-ridden it has somehow resisted decomposition. As I start to heat up some Campbell’s soup, I warm my hands over the stove top, listening to the crack of expanding metal, and glance at the photographs hanging on the walls of the guests who used to attend those parties, and realize how much I miss the constant exchange of ideas and experiences.

Taking my warm cup of soup I dampen a washcloth, then move to the kitchen table and wipe off three years’ worth of dust. The last time I sat here thinking up stuff to write was in 2013, June, when I wrote about Introverts and Extroverts. That was a long time ago. I find, though, that there’s still a notebook here, with a pen sitting there next to it wrapped in a cobweb. I brush it off, click it open, and start writing a list of things that have happened between then and now.

Ran a restaurant. Went to China. Finished college.

For a year, I worked at a bank. Then I was an accountant at a seafood distribution company. Then I did archival work at a TV station. Now I’ve been a receptionist at different places, on and off since before Christmas.

Grew a mustache. Moved away from home. Lost most of my plants to weather. Lost dear friends. Made new ones. Learned a language. Got cultured and became disillusioned with it at the same time.

I started a couple new blogs, but it just hasn’t been the same. Frankly, I miss all of you, and I miss the freedom of expression I had on this particularly themeless blog, this particular House of Happy which is now whirring as the boiler in the basement kicks on. I turn on lights in the different rooms and find half-read books on sofas, unwashed coffee cups on side tables, sheet music still open at the piano, the paper yellowed with age and the notes all but faded away.

Gosh, I’ve missed this place.


While I’ve Been Away

Thought about posting excuses for not blogging. Been there, done that. Doesn’t feel great.

So, instead, I’m just going to update everyone on what I’ve been up to while I’ve been away.

For a while I was hung up on finals, working early in the mornings, going to night school, and in between trying to keep up sanity by taking a nap, hanging out with a friend, or avoiding writing by telling myself that I’m just taking a break (I’ve been having some bad writer’s block…). Oh yeah, and kinda studying too. 🙂

The weather for my commencement ceremony was gorgeous, everything went very well, and was very short, thankfully, so you won’t find complaints here. 🙂

As a graduation present, someone (who knows me very well!) bought me a Theremin. So I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. too. It’s spazz-out awesome.

Hey JP, what does a Theremin sound like?

(Randy George is an AWESOME Thereminist, I must say.)

It was a hard winter for my houseplants. Unfortunately, neither Sophie nor Gloriette made it through the dark months. 😦 But, the rest of us are pretty healthy and happy, looking forward to a wonderful summer.

Despite what the Dr. told me about how I should wear shoes, I’m still barefooting. So far, no more accidents. But no promises. 😉

Sorry for being so aloof the past month. Cheers to all!


Judgement Day? Probably Not.

Harold Camping. Photocredit: BBC.

Written to anybody who may be confused. 🙂

Some of you may have heard about this newest thing…Judgement Day 2011. Supposedly it’s supposed to happen on May 21st.

I read my Bible…and I have my doubts.

I hold that—chances at about a million to one—rapture day will not happen this Saturday. And I think a lot of people will be sadly disappointed. By “A lot of people,” I’m thinking about those who have gone after this false prediction, those who have fallen for the hysteria.

Am I anti-rapture? Definitely not! I am planning on (or rather NOT planning on, since it can’t be put on a calendar, ha ha) joining all my brothers & sisters someday as we’re extracted from this world before everything terrible happens (i.e. the End of the World). However…I am anti-rapture-prediction.

Let me explain a bit. Now, a lot of people probably have gone through this reasoning already, so I’m not going to go into tremendous detail. You can read the story for yourself in Matthew 24. Basically, when Jesus’ disciples ask him when the end of the world will be, he tells them about the end of the world, and concludes by saying that nobody (Except God of course) knows when it will be—not even the angels!!!

So, Believers, don’t get all ruffled up about Saturday. Live today like you would any other day.

PAUSE!!! “Live today like you would any other day.” Does that mean taking it easy because Jesus hasn’t come back for two thousand years and “He probably won’t today either?” You never know. Two things could happen. One: He could come back!!! I believe it is going to be a surprise—not as in something we’re not expecting (I peek up into the clouds every now and then, just to see if he’s coming yet. Why not? Didn’t he tell us to? :)), rather as in something you can’t plan for. Two: Some terrible catastrophe could happen, and, though we always like to believe that it will be the other person, you could end up dead. Where would you be then?

Be thoughtful and walk circumspectly. If it’s been a while since you’ve touched the Throne, take a minute. If you’re scared about Saturday, then you should be scared about today, because it could happen any time now!!!

I know I don’t talk often about my Christian Faith here, but I thought it would be an appropriate post, given the times. 😉