Hey, Everyone!

Welcome aboard, gracious reader!

It’s so good of you to come and visit! Please, make yourself at home—Browse my blog, enjoy some reading, put in your two cents, follow through some links. And definitely make sure to hop over to the Introduce Yourself page, and tell me a little about yourself.

A little bit about myself:

I’m J. P. Cabit. I’m working my college work, pursuing artistic pursuits, composing music (acoustic and electronica), and, of course, writing the next Great American Novel—or that’s what I tell myself to push through writers’ block and untold distraction.

While I’m not writing, I take care of my plants and keep them out of trouble. They even write blog posts for me every now and then. 🙂

I’m unpublished as of yet, but hope to be on a bookshelf in a city near you in the very near future.

Well, enough about me…go off and do some exploring!

Warmest regards,

If you’d like to send a note, you can write me at joseph [at] jpcabit [dot] com.

15 thoughts on “Hey, Everyone!

  1. Guten Tag,

    Do you have a Twitter account? Just curious, I didn’t have one for you so when I linked your Skewed Reality flash, I wasn’t able to refer to you as well.


  2. OH! J.P. How have I missed getting your blog on my blog roll??? Well, as of today, that is remedied. I will be reading through your work and offering to you my esteemed and highly valued criticism : ” Wow! That’s wonderful, etc. . .or some such.” See why I’m so highly esteemed? But you should know that I never lie. However, one of my faavorite quotes, from Alice roosevelt Longworth: “If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody, come over here and sit by me.” The cushion by her is well dented by my butt. I realizze that I have just typed in a heaping pile of non- sequiturs. (How typical of my wandering mind – but I do go to some very interesting places.) You sort ’em out.

    BTW, let me know if you need contributions to your newest book of “bad poetry,” As I have said before, I’ve got tons, and can write some more, if need be at the drop of a hat, or a dangling participle, or a lengthy alliteration.
    With my hat dropping, I’m finished for now, with what I can think of.
    from your famous favorite faithful forever friend,
    Paula Tohline Calhoun

    • Paula, I am flattered and happy that you have dropped in on my happy house!

      Criticism is accepted. I rarely censor. Unless I don’t like what you’re saying. (He he, lol, just kidding about that last part)

      My Bad Poetry book is coming along pretty well…at the moment it doesn’t look like I’m going to need any contributions. But thanks for the offer! 🙂

      Yourz Truely (Eavin Iff Ie Kan’t Spelle)

      P.S. What’s the worst awful, abhorrent, appalling alliteration you’ve come up with?

      P.S.2. Bad poetry aside, I’ve been glancing at your WEbook every now and then…it’s fantastic stuff!!! You really are one of the great, by way of Dr.-Seussness! (By that I don’t mean outrageous fandoodling nernoozles of imaginationazania, but I mean more in the brilliant rhyming sector)

      P.S.3. is a very expensive piece of machinery used to play games. Sorry. I like to do that. 🙂

  3. To P.S.3, all I can say is: “Wiiiiiii!”

    Considering contributions, start planning and editing Book 2 of Bad Poetry. I expect a chapter dedicated to my apprentice badness – second only to you, the Master.

    My rhyming can take really stupid (and unsatisfying) turns, but I do have some fun, in between pulling what’s left of my hair out. Dr. Seuss is not anywhere NEAR appreciated enough! Take it from someone who has stabbed at some form of imitation.

    Alliteration. . .one of my favorite fabulous forms of fanaticism, but sorry, I don’t have a single solitary snippet so seriously sardonic or silly to share. . .

    • Thanks for your rejuvenatingly rambunctious reply. A sequel, to my (speculatively) successful saga, so soon? An ambitious aspiration, I’m afraid, while the first folio of fun frolics is still simmering in my system.

      😀 lol

      This is fun. 🙂

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  5. Hey, JP!
    Pay attention to me!
    I’ve posted another, it’s long been pending –
    Surely you don’t find that this one’s offending!
    It it is, I am very sorry
    About which part should I fret and worry?
    I promist to fix this one ASAP
    If only you’ll pay attention to me!
    As you see I’m an attention-a-holic
    But it’s better than dealing with the colic.
    If that’s not I stretch for some sort of rhyme,
    Then I don’t know one, and I’ve wasted our time!


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